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Draco Malfoy Fans

The Wicked One

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A place to post anything on Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter Fandom
→   §   INTRO   §   ←

This is a place for all fans of Draco Malfoy from the lovely works of J.K. Rowling in her series of Harry Potter books and movies. Here you can post info, opinions, fanworks, etc. Anything having to do with Draco and Draco/Anyone.

If you have any question please contact me » alexia_drake

You can promote communities if they focus on Draco alone, Draco & his Family or Draco/Anyone (on icons challenges, fictions, graphics, etc) but please no more than once a month. You can also add the tag "promotion" to your entries.
→   §   RULES   §   ←

- Any large images/graphics/anything that is larger than 400 pixels MUST be placed under an lj-cut. Here's the instructions.

- When posting icons, please no more than 3 icons for the preview.

- Any fanart/fanfic having to do with adult content must be placed in an lj-cut with a warning.

- No harassing eachother.

- Have fun.

→   §   AFFILIATES   §   ←

Please let me know on this post if you want to affiliate :)

_marvolo_ ~ draco100 ~ captainhooks ~ deatheaterdrabs ~ dmhgchallenge ~ draco_asteria ~ dracomalfoy ~ dracoships ~ dramionedrabble ~ dransy ~ harryp_prompts ~ hookandemma ~ hp_commonroom ~ hp_headcanon ~ hp_manips ~ hpfanficfanpoll ~ slyinslytherin ~ tomfelton_daily ~ wizard_icontest

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- Style S2 Smooth Sailing

- CSS are made by snubbly

- Tiny icons for usernames(a broom), communities(a star) and locked posts(a key) found - at http://sweetie.sublink.ca/

- Header & Profile Codes by me alexia_drake since no one entered in the challenge I made.

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